One thing that’s kind of neat about having had my blog and doing these What I Ate Wednesday posts for a long time is that so can go back and see what I was eating (aka how I feel was fueling myself) at different points in my life and what was going on then. It’s a food diary in several senses of the word.

For this week’s What I Ate Wednesday post I’m sharing a look at what I ate on my birthday, which was last Thursday. I like the idea of taking a day off on my birthday but haven’t done it in a while. This week I was teaching and doing admin stuff much of the day, but I squeezed in a yoga class before meeting my mom and a few girlfriends for dinner. It turned out to be an overall good day. Here’s what the food part looked like:

Breakfast: (unpictured) roasted purple sweet potato before a sweaty workout; egg white frittata with kale, mushrooms & sharp cheddar afterwards

mushroom frittata

Lunch: I don’t really get a real lunch break on teaching days but inspired by Pret’s little pots of healthy foods, I packed this combo of baby spinach, cucumber, tomato, avocado, and sauerkraut and added two eggs. After glass I had a stick of turkey jerky.

eggs and veggies with avocado

Snack: (unpictured) Before yoga I had some plain skyr with butternut squash purée, chia seeds, and cinnamon mixed in with a drizzle of maple syrup on top.

Dinner: We went to The Smith and I ordered what I almost always get there: steak (filet mignon because Happy Birthday To me) and field greens. We also shared some brussels sprouts and cauliflower for the table. To drink I had bourbon (Widow Jane, my favorite).

The Smith steak and greens

We got a piece of the restaurant’s “birthday cake” for the table and everyone had a bite but I totally forgot to take a picture. My mom, however, did manage to perfectly capture how I feel about turning 32 in this shot:

Birthday GIrl

And by that, I mean excited but also shocked at how fast time is passing and, well, f**ing terrified and really hoping I set the right goals and form solid plans to meet them. Also hoping for a little luck. 31 was a game-changing transformative year on the professional front, but there were some major tests and trials in my personal life.  I hear that Saturn is about to end its tour in my sign, so I guess that’s good news. And it’s true that a good planetary ass-kicking, much like Pilates and meditation, certainly makes for a stronger core.



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How did you celebrate your last birthday? 

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