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Episode 112: Bande Founder Rebecca Balyasny

I’m speaking with Rebecca Balyasny, the founder of a cool, online workout platform called Bande. Bande was born from Rebecca’s desire for connection and community in the ever-changing pandemic world. At Bande, clients are encouraged to find their fitness and their strength as they enjoy fully immersive live boutique fitness classes.   My conversation with Rebecca touched on so many important topics, including: Fitness and self-care can be empowering, especially in a time when Covid has...


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Episode 111: Nutrition For Bone Health

As I often do with solo podcasts, I’m coming to you to answer a question I’m frequently asked: what should I be eating to protect my bones? Bone health is a topic that comes up a lot in my work and for good reason; bone health is super important at all stages of our life. Whether we are thinking about protecting our bones against fractures (especially as we age), or how to best support healthy bones throughout our life, there are some very actionable suggestions and tips which can help you...


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Episode 110: GoodPharma Co-Founder Gary Shinner

I’m so happy to share this podcast episode with you. I’m chatting with Gary Shinner, the Co-founder of Good Pharma (https://mygoodpharma.com/), a tea and coffee revolution company whose mission is to provide people with powerful blends of ingredients that nourish the mind, body and spirit. I love bringing founders on the podcast because there are so many great stories about entrepreneurship to share and it’s always so fun to learn about people who choose to bring wellness into the world....


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Episode 109: True Food Kitchen CEO Christine Barone

In this podcast episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Christine Barone who is the CEO of True Food Kitchen, where they celebrate a passion for better living through food. As you’ll hear from Christine, one of the core beliefs at True Food Kitchen is that you should eat with passion. To that end, they believe that the choices you make should sustain your appetite, your health and your planet.    I love so much about my conversation with Christine, but here are some of my favorite...


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Episode 108: Are Plant-Based Burgers Healthy?

BBQ season is upon us, so I thought it’d be a good time to share some information about some healthy, non-meat options for the grill, specifically, plant-based burgers. As you’ll hear in this solo podcast, there are various plant-based burger options available on the market, but are they truly healthier than their red meat alternatives?   In this solo podcast I’ll explore: How plant-based burgers compare to beef burgers when it comes to nutritional values, ingredients, and how much...


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