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Life is hard enough
the road to a stress-free life should feel easy!

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For anyone burdened by stress and anxiety, just the thought of trying to make a positive life change can feel utterly overwhelming.

Wanting to live a healthier life may sound easy, but what about the time needed for meal prepping?

What about the added meal plan costs to your budget?

Do you have to wake up at dawn to take that meditation class?

When you are surrounded by stress, it is all too easy to completely derail yourself…with more stress.

Here is the simple solution:
focus on healthy living for your real life.

Just like you, I don’t have time for a step-by-step plan or a one-size-fits-all, gimmicky solution to all your stress- or anxiety-related health and wellness problems.

My short, simple, no-nonsense advice will help to make healthy choices to improve eating habits, sleep, energy levels, mentalities, and exercise routines.

These 50 mind-body-spirit-inspired hacks will dial down the drama and find workable ways to nurture health and wellness when life gets real.

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I promise you’ll be laughing, rolling your eyes with me, and exclaiming “Aha!” more than once. This book is for anyone and everyone who wants to chill the heck out and feel a little—or a lot—better.

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