It’s Great to Meet You! I’m Jess.

Do you ever feel like you’re drinking all the green juice, buying everything organic, and restricting your eating to a narrow window of time, but nothing seems to change? Do you stand in the aisle at the grocery store overthinking which plant milk to buy or which type of fish is healthiest, only to leave an hour later shocked about how much you spent and still feeling confused? 


Has working out harder stopped working for you? Are you dragging yourself out of bed every morning to do a workout you hate but that your favorite Biohacker swore would transform your body? Do you beat up on yourself for walking instead of running? Or is it just plain hard to find time for movement because you’re so damn busy? 


Do I even need to ask about sleep? You know, that routine of conking out the second your head hits the pillow each night and then waking up throughout the night to stare at the ceiling and just… think.


Or have you noticed that you can get a pretty good self-care routine going when things are quiet, but the second life gets real or you’re under stress, it all just goes out the window? 

I can help. 

Hi! I’m Jess, a registered dietitian, integrative nutrition health coach, podcaster, and author with a passion for helping others simplify their wellness routine, break up with overthinking, and stand up to stress. 

I have over a decade of experience as a practitioner and content creator. I’ve worked as a dietitian and health coach in clinical, corporate, and private practice settings, and all along the way have written for a variety of publications and created content for food and lifestyle brands. I’m also a speaker and podcaster and the author of The Little Book of Game Changers: 50 Healthy Habits for Managing Stress & Anxiety and The Farewell Tour: A Caregiver’s Guide to Stress Management, Sane Nutrition, and Better Sleep. On my Substack, I share actionable nutrition tips and guided meditations.

Healthy living doesn’t have to be complicated, and I’m out there spreading the message, sharing my favorite tips and tools to help you stay on track (and feel like a functional human in the process) when you’re going through challenging times or simply want to develop a routine you can stick to. 

I cut through the noise and help you tune in to what will actually work for you and then share strategies for building sustainable healthy habits to support your goals. 

I’m known for my evidence-based, down to earth approach to health and wellness, my gutsy storytelling, and my emphasis on fostering a healthy mind-body connection.

I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed. After finding sustainable healing from a childhood eating disorder during which I’d been afraid to eat so many things, I later went on to struggle with stress and the feeling I always had to be busy or productive or achieving something to have worth. Part family history of workaholism, part trauma response (you can read my PTSD recovery story here), I spent my twenties and early thirties on the burnout hamster wheel. 

As I share in The Farewell Tour, I had a big wake up call when I was 31. My father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and I turned my life upside down to help care for him. 

I started to implement a simplified version of my mind-body-spirit approach to healthy living that had become my signature coaching and writing style: prioritizing blood sugar balance, gut health, and stress management. Not only did it help me feel more grounded so I could really show up for myself and my family and stop overtaxing my system—it worked for my patients and clients. I also heard from countless people who had stumbled across my articles, blog posts, and media appearances about how helpful and approachable they’d found my recommendations and insight. 

After my dad passed away, I was inspired to do more to help others living with cancer or interested in decreasing their odds of getting it. Today, in addition to my communications and consulting work, I also counsel cancer survivors and high-risk individuals as part of a team of experts. You can visit the Work With Me page to learn more about my services. 

Through my writing, podcasting, and consulting, I develop resources that provide science-based education and actionable tips for managing stress, reducing disease risk, and feeling better NOW. 

There’s a lot of shiny, conflicting information out there distracting you from how you feel in your body and causing you to overthink what you should be doing to improve your health. I’m here to help demystify and to dial down the drama—and hopefully add some warmth and lightness.



After being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, my father referred to the last months of his life as “The Farewell Tour.” Because he’d worked in the music industry his entire career, it was a framework my family understood. In this book I share how my mother, sister, and I turned our lives upside down to care for him and share self-care tips and tools I wish I’d had when we were going through it. It’s a resource I’ve wished for years I had to share with my patients and their families too.

Within these pages, you’ll find info on daily practices that can boost your overall health, mood, and mental wellness. The Farewell Tour is a resource for caregivers of all kinds—whether dealing with terminal illness or ongoing needs—who find themselves burned out and isolated. Along with my personal story, I share helpful tips on:

  • Sleep hacks
  • Simplifying routines
  • Quick healthy eating
  • Handling unsolicited advice
  • Navigating changing relationships
  • Preparing for end of life

Along with my own tips and personal anecdotes, you’ll also get advice from a range of wellness experts and musical artists with actual touring experience. This is a resource all caregivers can benefit from.

In my book, The Little Book Of Game-Changers: 50 Healthy Habits For Managing Stress & Anxiety (Viva Editions), I share the hacks that help my clients and patients reach their goals even when life gets real and hectic.


I’m also a member of the mindbodygreen Collective and a regular contributor to mindbodygreen as well as outlets such as Forbes, SHAPE, and more. I have written for a variety of food and health publications, including the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Food & Nutrition Magazine and Kids Eat Right. My recipes and blog posts have appeared on numerous websites such as Elana Lyn, and Fit-Bottomed Girls, and I’m frequently interviewed by publications such as Glamour, Self, Women’s Health, and the New York Times. I also create guided meditations for Simple Habit.

You can read more on my Media page.

Making Healthy Living seem accessible

I also offer consulting and brand partnerships and am available as a speaker or podcast guest.


I hold a Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition from New York University in addition to a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Emerson College. I completed my dietetic internship at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

I have experience in the clinical setting, long-term care, corporate wellness, and private practice. I’m currently the dietitian and health coach for the Valley Breast Center in Northern New Jersey, where I counsel patients on healthy lifestyle and risk reduction as part of a comprehensive breast cancer survivorship program. Interested in becoming a patient? Learn about our program here

What I love about working in nutrition is that it allows me to help others make connections between mind and body wellness to live a more balanced life. Self-care is possible, even when it feels like you have no room for yourself on your to-do list, and my goal is to help people feel great for life.

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For fun, I love spending time with friends and family—and my pets. I used to think I was strictly a dog person until I met my husband, who came with two cuddly rescue cats who won me over. I also have a soft spot for storytelling shows and dark comedy. I love to move and am a certified Pilates instructor. I also enjoy barre and yoga. When it comes to food and drink, I like my coffee black and my bourbon neat. I’m obsessed with vegetables, and love savory breakfast. I hate quinoa, but I do enjoy kale, that other Food Nutritionists Love, especially when there’s tons of garlic involved : )

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