The Farewell Tour: A Caregiver’s Guide to Stress Management, Sane Nutrition, and Better Sleep

After being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, my father referred to the last months of his life as “The Farewell Tour.” Because he’d worked in the music industry his entire career, it was a framework my family understood. In this book I share how my mother, sister, and I turned our lives upside down to care for him and share self-care tips and tools I wish I’d had when we were going through it. It’s a resource I’ve wished for years I had to share with my patients and their families too.

Within these pages, you’ll find info on daily practices that can boost your overall health, mood, and mental wellness. The Farewell Tour is a resource for caregivers of all kinds—whether dealing with terminal illness or ongoing needs—who find themselves burned out and isolated. Along with my personal story, I share helpful tips on:

  • Sleep hacks
  • Simplifying routines
  • Quick healthy eating
  • Handling unsolicited advice
  • Navigating changing relationships
  • Preparing for end of life

Along with my own tips and personal anecdotes, you’ll also get advice from a range of wellness experts and musical artists with actual touring experience. This is a resource all caregivers can benefit from.

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