Happy What I Ate Wednesday. I’d thought about doing a Thanksgiving-themed WIAW as I’ve done in past years, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Besides, I already shared my Thanksgiving meal with you guys on Sunday.

Instead, I figured I’d show what I ate on my birthday, which was Monday. Since I’d celebrated earlier in the month and again with my family over Thanksgiving and had plans for a nice dinner with a friend on Tuesday, I kept things low-key on the actual day. There is so much pressure to have a Fabulous(!) day and do it up on social media, but you know what? My 30th birthday was quiet and relaxing—exactly what I was in the mood for. I took the day at my own pace and made time for some of my favorite things: writing, cooking, yoga, and even a much-needed mani-pedi. Not to sound like one of those “OMG I’m so #blessed and #loved and isn’t life #wonderful and #perfect” people, but I was fortunate to celebrate my birthday on several separate occasions this month with some of my most favorite people from all corners of my funny, ridiculous life—I’d certainly consider myself a lucky gal.  

Anyway, here’s the “what I ate” part of said birthday:

Breakfast: Savory oats topped with sautéed mushrooms, tahini, and goat cheese. My mushroom tooth has been in full force lately. savory mushroom oats

Lunch: Arugula salad and salmon—simple and delicious.  salmon and arugula salad

Snack: Plain yogurt with a tablespoon each of coconut flour and cocoa powder, topped with fresh raspberries. Chocolate yogurt with raspberries

Dinner: Leftover chicken, sweet potato, and sautéed cabbage…

cabbage and chicken

..and a glass of wine. beaujolais nouveau 2015

Yes, I know that eating leftover cabbage on your 30th birthday is probably a little bit depressing, but whatever. I’d rather share reality (#IRL forever) than be, like, “…and then I went out for caviar and champagne with my handsome investment banker/artist/prince I won in the lottery and we released doves by the beach and lit sparklers and I don’t curate at all on social media.”

So yeah. I’m 30 and not much has changed. So far so good.

How did you spend your last birthday? 

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