We’ve finally reached the last week of April, and I could not be more excited to move on to a new month. I usually look back at a period in time and say, “Man, that was hard,” but this month has been especially challenging from start to finish. Thank goodness it’s flown by quickly, though. I think I need to burn some palo santo to clear out all that wtf energy now. Anyone else ever use sage or incense or anything else like that?

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As you might have seen me posting about on Instagram, my immune system has not been in the best shape recently, so I’ve been taking extra probiotics and incorporating more prebiotic-rich foods like garlic to help give those beneficial gut bacteria something to feed off of so they can keep fighting the good fight.

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As I was talking about yesterday, though, one of my coping mechanisms when the going gets tough is to dive into work—pros and cons. I have a tendency to isolate when I’m stressed, and work gives me an “excuse” so I need to keep myself in check with that. However, the positive is that sometimes it feels really good to get lost in something I’m enjoying working on.

This month I actually wrote some of my favorite things I’ve worked on ever—I’ve got some to share today, and done coming your way in the weeks and months ahead. Here are some recent publications and appearances from April. hudson


April 2018 Media


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What are you proudest of this month? Any favorite garlic recipes?