As a dietitian and health coach who helps my clients get a handle on unhelpful habits and swap in positive ones that support their goals, something that fascinates me is how we all have our different coping mechanisms.

Yep, I’ve got ’em too. On Friday, I got cozy with some of mine when I was navigating some uncomfortable feelings. Some of these habits are good and constructive (exercise, cleaning, making Spotify playlists), some are not. Experience has taught me that shopping when I’m emotional leads to “what was I thinking” returns later, but that’s one I always have to be careful with. Haha mixed success with that lately. I can’t wait for warmer weather so I can actually wear some of the clothes and shoes I’ve bought. On a more constructive note,  I’ve enjoyed filling my calendar with fun stuff for the coming weeks and months where I’ll be able to do just that. Planning helps me too!

Work tends to be how I “medicate” myself most often, though, so I’m not surprised that’s how I spent the day and evening on Friday. When it comes to writing, in particular, if left unchecked, I can get really sucked in. On my writing days, I’ll often hop between a few different coffee shops, cafes, or bars rather than camp out in one. Or sometimes I’ll break up at-home writing time with a few hours working somewhere outside my home. I worked until almost 10 pm on this particular day. It wasn’t intentional, but I got into a good groove and didn’t want to stop, mostly because I was writing about people and topics who inspire me and get me excited about what I do. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my monthly media round-up with some recent publications and appearances. How is it already late April?


In other news, my basil plant is an asshole. He’s been manspreading all over the place, is pathologically thirsty, and just so. freaking. fickle. I think I’m going to make pesto this week. Or maybe pesto hummus. I’ve got ideas. When life hands you lemons, throw a bunch of stuff in the food processor and see what happens.

For this week’s What I Ate Wednesday post, here’s a look at what I ate last Friday.


  • Pre-Workout Snack:Leftover murasaki sweet potato (about 1/2 cup)
  • Post-Workout Breakfast: Leftover cooked veggies with an egg and a couple links of Applegate Farms Chicken and Sage sausage.
  • Lunch: Arugula salad with tomato, zoodles, chicken, and avocado
  • Snack: Plain 2% Greek yogurt with cocoa powder and strawberries; about 1/2 teaspoon of dark chocolate (Easter candy dregs)
  • Late Dinner: More leftover veggies and potatoes with chicken, hummus, and a spoonful of goat cheese
  • Dessert: Dark chocolate — Trader Joe’s has got it right with their Dark Chocolate Lover’s bar. So good.

What are your go-to coping mechanisms? Do you have any basil recipes for me? 


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