Okay, okay, I know it’s Friday and most of you are all, “Woohoo—weekend!” BUT. The weekend is a great time to plan ahead for the workweek and do some foodprep.

But first, I just had to share this awesome photo from one of my Rise clients, who was kind enough to let me post. 360x0

Sums up my week perfectly.

I joke about chocolate cravings, but actually I work it into my regular days consistently enough that it’s just something I enjoy. That said, I do notice a cyclical pattern to how strong my taste for chocolate is. I just make sure to incorporate it more certain times of the month.

This week has been, like, “push all the buttons.” And then to top everything off, of course I wound up in sweaty yoga clothes at the grocery store making small talk with an old dating story when all I’d really wanted was some f***ing mirepoix for the lamb stew I’m going to post on Monday. Me and my impulse buys.  So it goes. Just gotta keep on keeping’ on. Bob Dylan said that.

Speaking of Rise clients, I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about healthy lunches to bring to work. Here are a few great posts I came across with healthy and tasty lunch ideas:

A few ideas from Food 52 on how to amp up your lunch

What the Well + Good Staff Eats for Lunch

This Fitnessista recipe for slow cooker chicken is perfect for weekend meal-prep if you want tasty chicken to add to your desk lunches!

What are you up to this weekend? Any awkward run-ins at the grocery store lately or is it just me? 

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