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what+i+ate+wednesday+october+breast+cancer+awareness+halloween+button - What I Ate Wednesday #79

A week into October and I like what I see. For whatever reason, September was really tough. I’m really happy to be moving on to a new month. On Monday, I also started a new rotation, Pediatrics. It’s longer than my other rotations (6 weeks instead of 3), which will hopefully give me a chance to learn a whole bunch of something I have no experience in. So far, I have to admit, the kids are so freaking cute. I’ve been told I’ll likely get a lot of experience with tube feeds and other forms of nutrition support. The option for some OB nutrition experience is there too, later in the rotation, so I’m excited about that too.

Monday, I had that exam I couldn’t shut up about last week, so I needed to make sure I had enough snacks to keep me fueled for it. I think that, combined with all that studying, paid off. I left feeling pretty good about the test, even if I did get a bit sarcastic and conversational during the long-answer section while writing about mineral toxicity. Hey, if you can’t be perfect (whatever that means), be yourself.

As for the rest of the “what I ate” part of the day…

Breakfast: Yep, more zucchini-bread oatmeal. With sun-butter. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  img 0350 - What I Ate Wednesday #79

Lunch: Cafeteria salad & tea. Meh. img 0468 - What I Ate Wednesday #79

Snacks: Grapes, a Simply Bar (one of the few nut-free bars I’ve been able to find that aren’t super-sweet), and Trader Joe’s Mini Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackersimg 0467 - What I Ate Wednesday #79

Dinner: Leftovers from Sunday with a side of roasted veggies cooked in with some arugula that needed to get used. Also, if you have the chance to try sauerkraut & mushroom-filled pirogies, I highly recommend them, especially when they’re topped with sautéed onions.  img 0470 - What I Ate Wednesday #79

Snack: Yogurt with cereal and the last of some roasted figs img 0473 - What I Ate Wednesday #79