Another week, another What I Ate Wednesday. As always, thanks to Jenn for hosting the link party. In honor of this month’s “Love your veggies” theme, I’ve got lots of colorful stuff to share. Not that that’s so different from usual, but hey…

As my internship gets closer and closer, I’m realizing that if I don’t take a few days to enjoy my time off, I’ll regret it, so I spent Tuesday catching up on stuff around the house and then going shopping with my sister. It was so gorgeous out (50 degrees and sunny—crazy), it was hard to stay inside! Here’s what I ate between outings…

Breakfast: Steel cut oats w/ chia seeds, plum & peanut butter

img 4328 - What I Ate Wednesday #44

blurry breakfast

Lunch: Greens w/ roasted veggies, tempeh, sprouts,  balsamic; toast w/ cottage cheese & nutritional yeastimg 4331 - What I Ate Wednesday #44

Snacks: Fruit; lazy person’s hot chocolate (skim milk heated in the microwave + cocoa powder & stevia) topped w/ frothed milkimg 4334 - What I Ate Wednesday #44

img 4337 - What I Ate Wednesday #44Dinner: Kabocha red lentil soup (inspired by Mama Pea) w/kale underneath and goat cheese on top; Ezekiel English muffin w/ Trader Joe’s lentil masala dip & smoked garlic spread my aunt madeimg 4340 - What I Ate Wednesday #44

Snack: unpictured drink (gin + club soda+ lemon & lime juice) at writers’ group; bananaimg 4342 - What I Ate Wednesday #44

What’s veggies are you loving lately? 

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wiawloveyourveggiesmonthbutton2 - What I Ate Wednesday #44

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