This might be all in my head, but it feels like most of the snow we’ve gotten this winter has been on Saturdays. I go out to visit my family a lot on the weekend, and it just feels like so many of those bus trips out I’ve been staring at a cloudy sky or adjusting my travel plans last-minute to avoid traveling during the heart of a snowstorm.

That said, the forecast is for, like, 70 degrees today here in NYC so I don’t know what the f*** to think, really.

Anyway, last Saturday I made my usual trip to the burbs, and right after I got to my parents’ house, it started coming down and turned into a freaking winter wonderland. The dogs love it, so it was really cure to see them running and rolling around outside in it. Speaking of the dogs, it was great to spend some time with my favorite little weirdo. I’m a bit obsessed with this picture my aunt took of Eli.

I spent the early part of my Saturday doing life stuff things like Pilates, outlining a project, and starting my taxes, and then I went out to hang with the fam, including a few of my aunts. For this week’s “What I Ate Wednesday” post, I’m sharing a look at the food part of the day.


Breakfast: Roasted potatoes and eggs over leftover veggies
Lunch: A salad with leftover veggies and sardines in olive oil
Snack: Plain Green yogurt with cocoa powder and frozen raspberries.
Dinner: Polish-themed night, so stuffed cabbage, sautéed cabbage & sauerkraut, and a sauerkraut perogi-lots of kraut. Also, some salad and a tiny pour of bourbon while we were cooking-still working back up to drinking after a few weeks on antibiotics. I also had some broccoli & eggplant from my the Chinese food we ordered for the boys (long story).

After dinner I was still full but couldn’t resist cracking open a fortune cookie or two. Here’s what mine said: “It doesn’t matter, who is without a flaw?”

And of course, I have to add “in bed” after every fortune cookie. I can’t help it.

Do you like fortune cookies? Any memorable fortunes that stand out? 

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