Good morning! Hope you’re having a great week. For my U.S. friends, how did you spend your July 4th? A change in plans found me in NYC, recharging. I didn’t even realize how badly I’d needed some time to take the day at my own pace. I actually felt like a functional human again.

For today’s weekly food diary post, I thought I’d share what I ate on an actual Wednesday. Like all these posts, it shows that not even registered dietitians have a “perfect” diet.

1.) There’s no such this as a “perfect” diet, and

2.) We all go through phases where we feel more on track and less on track. I know that when I’m juggling a lot or feeling stressed out, I tend to get repetitive with food and repeat things because it’s just easier than thinking outside the box.

Definitely been in a phase recently where I find myself autopilot-ing more than I’d like. I know it’s temporary, though, and soon I’ll be up for brainstorming new meal and snack ideas and giving a s*** about.

Moving on, here’s what I ate last Wednesday!

Breakfast:Wednesday mornings I go to a networking breakfast where they have eggs, fruit, and other stuff, but today I was really in the mood for this whole milk Greek yogurt with blueberries and seeds. Sometimes you just gotta go with it!

IMG 3796 1024x768 - What I Ate Wednesday #326: An actual Wedensday

Lunch: A big salad. What else? Having a big salad for lunch is one of my favorite habits. This one had hard-boiled eggs, a mix of whatever random veggies I had, and a dressing made of babbaganoush thinned out with water. Whatever works!

IMG 3797 1 1017x1024 - What I Ate Wednesday #326: An actual Wedensday

Snack: More yogurt (I know, I know, I’m a broken record). Plain Greek yogurt with cocoa powder and peanut butter is still my favorite.

Dinner: It was too hot to cook, so I made another salad. This is a not-as-awesome habit, but hey, it’s summer. This one had hummus-marinated chicken and kale that I massaged in a little olive oil and lemon juice.

IMG 3808 1024x1014 - What I Ate Wednesday #326: An actual Wedensday

Bedtime Snack: Before calling it a night, I had some fresh berries with a spoonful of cheesecake dip on top. Perfection.

IMG 3856 1024x998 - What I Ate Wednesday #326: An actual Wedensday

How does your eating get affected when you’re stressed out or busy? 
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WHAT I ATE WEDNESDAY NEW BUTTON PEAS AND CRAYONS - What I Ate Wednesday #326: An actual Wedensday

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