Happy What I Ate Wednesday. How’s your week going? What’s on the menu this week? I had a more mellow start to my week and have been trying to savor it before it’s time to dive into a more hectic stretch. I like to think that food cravings are the body’s way of cluing us in to physical or emotional needs. I’ve recently been obsessed with mushrooms. Wonder if it’s the vitamin D in there?

It could, of course, be that they’re delicious. I’m all about that umami taste, even at breakfast. When I looked back at this day, I just had to post—as much as I talk about “all things in moderation,” we all have those days where we just want one food all damn day. On this particular occasion, I ended up eating mushrooms at each meal—whoops.

Breakfast: Oats with mushrooms and tahini

mushroom oatmeal

Lunch: I met my dad for lunch at a nearby diner and had a salad with grilled chicken and sliced portobello. The mushroom repeat didn’t even occur to me until later. This was delicious but the portion was huge, so I brought some home. chicken portobello salad

Snack: While working, I had some Greek yogurt with PB2 stirred in and a plum. I was trying to mix things up. Meh.

yogurt with plum

Dinner: Leftover chicken and mushrooms from lunch tossed with veggies, spaghetti squash, and pecorino cheesespaghetti squash with chicken and mushrooms

Snack: A sliced banana with peanut butter before bed

Do you get on food jags? What food can’t you get enough of lately? 

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