Happy Saturday, y’all (not sure what’s up with the ‘y’all,’ but hey…). How’s your weekend going so far? Any fun plans? I spent last night doing karaoke, and this morning, I went to a hot yoga class. I’m just settling in for an afternoon of work.

A gal doing a 40-hour-a-week unpaid dietetic internship still needs to keep the lights on. If you’re thinking it’s strange that one needs to “work for free” to become an RD, you’re not alone, but save for a few exceptions, that’s just how it is. And if you’re wondering what the hell a dietetic internship is, anyway, you can read a little more at the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics’ website.

Though I really enjoyed a lot of things about my Behavioral Health rotation, I’m glad to be moving on to General Med/Surgery. Nutritionally speaking, you see more challenging cases in the acute care setting, and I’m looking forward to getting more practice. I’d also be lying if I said the shorter commute wasn’t a factor. Still, I’ll miss some of the “you don’t hear that every day”ness.

At some point over the weekend, I’m planning to make some food to get me through the week—roasted veggies, perhaps a batch of seitan, and I need to figure out what to do with these  little potatoes…

Any suggestions? What are you cooking this weekend? 

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