I don’t know if any of you guys have been hearing about Kate Moss’ recent comment in a Women’s Wear Daily interview that “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

Ohhhh dear…

While I’m sure there are some who would argue that she just doesn’t realize how dangerous a statement like that can be (that exact slogan can be found on websites promoting anorexic behavior in girls), I have a feeling there are plenty more who are outraged and think Moss is being irresponsible. And, um, is this a good time to note that she has a 7-year-old daughter? And that she’s supposedly writing a cook book (at least according to British Vogue)?

It all kind of makes my head spin. I had a very interesting email exchange with a friend yesterday about the pressures on women to look a certain way yet not too much so and not to look like we actually take the time to take care of our minds and bodies. That might be portrayed as selfish or snobby. And is it a good thing or a bad thing to be a “skinny bitch?” So many blurred lines, so much confusion.

Though I tend to say that everyone is entitled to their opinion, I think that Moss is being irresponsible. She may or may not realize that people only listen to her because she looks a certain way and that her looks give her an influence she really doesn’t deserve—or that if she does deserve it, those qualities are rarely on display. For years, girls have looked up to her as a role model, weirdly enough, and at some point, one should acknowledge the responsibility they have to use their influence for good.

Spouting pro-anorexia BS to WWDis not exactly the way to use your (unearned) power to promote a positive message.

Le sigh. I hate the fashion industry.

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