Another repost of a repost:

While scrolling through Glamour‘s Health & Fitness section this morning, I stumbled across a repost and link to this article in entitled “Top 10: Subtle Ways To Tell Her She’s Getting Fat.”
A few gems?
  • Take her to places where she has to wear a swimsuit
  • Leave “now” and “then” photos lying around and talk about how hot she looks in the “then” shots
  • Sabotage her chair—so it breaks.
  • Buy her clothes that are too small.
The pictures are terrible too.
While it doesn’t relate to food exactly, it definitely relates to body image and the way we communicate with each other about our bodies and the changes they go through.
Pieces like this make me so angry. I try to keep a clear head and think about ways in which women might tell their significant other that they’ve put on weight, but nothing like this. God…I feel like women are much more tolerant of changes in men’s bodies, yet we’re expected to adhere to the impossible standards set upon us by the male-dominated gaze of the media/society/etc.
I’ll get off my soapbox now because this isn’t supposed to be a blog where I vent about this stuff. But goddamn. Way to be part of the problem, guys…

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