Stress and diet often go hand-in-hand. Though we may think that a sugary treat or greasy burger will make us feel better, these types of foods may actually make it harder for us to deal with whatever curveballs the universe has decided to throw that day. Chronic stress—and chronic stress-eating—can have longterm negative effects.

Just call me Captain Obvious.

The good news is, there are lots of real-food fixes to help you manage your stress levels. My NowCureMe article discusses some of m favorite  stress-busting foods.

salmon and cruciferous veggiesWhen I’m having a tough day, I like to make myself salmon and greens, maybe roasted sweet potato on the side. The protein-fat-carb combo, plus the added benefit of omega-3s in the fish and folate in the greens, help me mellow out, stat.

A few of my faves on the list:

Eggs—for some creative ways to enjoy them, check out my post on Azumio about how to do eggs for dinner.

Yogurt—I eat this almost every day. Happy gut bacteria = happy Jess. Here’s one of my favorite ways to eat yogurt. I’ve also been digging whole milk yogurt recently.

Oats—Cliched for a reason. I eat this for breakfast most days of the week. I’m obsessed with this recipe lately. I like to add egg whites to my oats for more protein. Here’s how.

Do you have any go-to stress-reducing foods? 
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