Welcome to another Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud link party where stream-of-consciousness is the name of the game! Thanks to Amanda for hosting!

I am just pounding away at my to-do lists, trying to get ready for my trip this weekend. Boston peeps—I’ve got an event this Sunday morning at the Athleta Store on Newbury Street. Come for the free yoga and stay for breakfast and a talk on healthy eats for hectic weekday mornings.

A breakfast-themed Thinking Out Loud post seemed only fitting today.

1.) I used to be all about oats for breakfast. From the ages of 19 to 26, I basically ate oatmeal with fruit every single day.

2.) That all changed one random Thursday morning shortly after my 27th birthday, when I found myself craving veggies, eggs, and toast for breakfast. Things were never the same. veggie breakfast

3.) I think it was my dietetic internship, being in the hospital and becoming so acutely aware of how precious life is that made me tune into my tastebuds more and wake up to the fact that variety is part of what makes a fulfilling experience. Also, a person who lives to be old and sick has plenty of time to eat oatmeal and other manner of mushy things.

4.) Lately I’ve been adding coconut flour to Greek yogurt, along with chia seeds, flax seeds, and—yes—oats. It’s really freaking tasty.

5. ) Sweet potato with peanut buyer is a perfectly acceptable bring-to-work breakfast. All you need is a microwave to cook the potato in. Just be prepared for your co-workers to laugh at the hissing sound it makes while cooks. Totally worth it. boy sweet potato

6.) I will never understand people who don’t eat breakfast. I’m such a stickler about breakfast, I even did my grad school capstone project on breakfast consumption patterns and BMI. #nerdalert

7.) On days I work at the hospital, I often have a pre-breakfast before I leave home around 7, and then I have my “real” breakfast after rounds, usually around 9 or so. When you get up at 5 to walk a certain little dude before hitting the gym, 4 hours is way too long to go without any fuel in the tank. Eli in bed

Do you eat breakfast? Any current obsessions?

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