IMG_4057Because this is primarily a “food blog,” I talk a lot about food (duh), one of the most basic forms of fulfillment. I also discuss the ways food acts as fuel for a busy life because if you’re not well-nourished—let’s face it—you’re gonna run out of steam.

However, one topic I don’t address nearly enough is life-work balance—not to mention the importance of experiencing a sense of emotional fulfillment in your life. Sometimes, when we’re so caught up in our day-to-day-ness, our to-do-list-ing (this is to say nothing of those all-powerful inner critics), we might reach a burnout point where we ask ourselves, “Why do I feel like something is missing? What is it and how can I get it into my life?”

(And you may ask yourself/What is that beautiful house?/And you may ask yourself/Where does that highway go?/And you may ask yourself/Am I right?…Am I wrong?)

Physical fulfillment through a balanced diet is only a part of the picture. If you’re itching to make a change but not sure how to get started, I’m excited to introduce you to this great new 6-week program with life coach Caroline Zwick. As detailed on the website, the plan is “designed to help you return to yourself and step into your authenticity simply because that is where your real power lives and your uniqueness thrives.” 

There are still a few days to register for the early bird price. I’d definitely encourage you to check this out!

Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

What are you up to this weekend? Do you struggle with finding balance and fulfillment in your life?

As someone who’s working most of this holiday weekend, I feel ya ; )


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