I don’t know about you guys, but this week—and weekend—flew by! The whirlwind of classes, work, doctor visits, and some actual social activity (gasp!), has somehow landed me at Sunday night.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon doing food prep for a wedding as part of the off-site lab hours I have to do for one of my classes. All the guys is the kitchen were super-friendly and patient with my gimpy-ness. I enjoy kitchen work so much more than I ever did serving. Putting on the requisite tuxedo shirt and black pants and bow-tie is just not my thing.  As I was leaving, I snagged a couple “Cougar” candies from a dish in the ladies room. This “milk-flavored candy” tastes a lot like a vanilla tootsie-roll. Because I’m me, though, I couldn’t help replacing “milk” with “MILF.” You know, the whole Cougar thing…

Saturday night, Chris and I had dinner at Quantum Leap and then went to see The Kids Are All Right in Chelsea, which is roughly equivalent to seeing a Woody Allen movie at Lincoln Plaza Cinema. I had no idea it was only playing in seven theaters. Despite a little cheesiness at the end, I really liked it.

Today, I was able to sleep in until 9:30, which is rare for me. We mostly took care of things around the house and did homework. Lots and lots of homework. Once in a while I miss my undergrad classes and how the homework would be to write a short story/personal essay/poem…It felt like every time I thought I was done for the day, another assignment started waving its antennae in my face.

So it goes. At least I had time to pack a lunch for tomorrow, which promises to be a marathon. At least it includes acupuncture!

I know it’s also getting to be time to get a new phone, but I’m not sure whether I want to order a new iPhone online or if I’d rather be able to go get one in person (eventually). I also feel like I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot about nutrition and meal-tracking apps for smart phones. Here’s an article about one that sounded particularly interesting. I’m skeptical about the accuracy of some programs, but I think almost anything that gets someone to tune in to what they’re eating has the potential to be helpful.

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