On the list of random “Things You Don’t Know About Me” is the fact that I have my bartending license. I took the course, got the little piece of paper, and shoved it in a drawer somewhere. It seemed like a fine idea when I was 21 and thinking maybe I’d tend bar and write after graduation, but then I got a job and moved to New York and decided to go back to school and forgot all about my mixology training.

The simple truth is that I’m bad at cocktails. Part of it is that the dietitian side of my brain says, “extra calories blah blah blah” and the side of my brain that’s concerned with not being drunk in public says, “you’re four-foot-eleven blah blah blah.” Also, I just really like wine. 

Prosecco in a plastic cup—classy

I usually stick to wine or beer, though the latter is something I’ve only recently come around to. When I do drink hard alcohol, it’s usually just a whiskey and club soda, and that’s maybe, like, twice a year. Exceptions include kir royales and anything involving St. Germain and champagne, but I can’t remember the last time I had anything like that. Sad face.

I recently reviewed Mardee Haigin Regan’s The Bartender’s Best Friend for Organic Wine Journal. It was fun to read about all these ridiculous concoctions. The tone of the book is pretty light, but it’s chock-full of info and tips. It kind of made me wish I had an occasion to whip up a signature cocktail.

Visit Organic Wine Journal to read the full review.

What’s your favorite cocktail? 

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