I  blogged a while back about doing French toast for dinner on occasion, and after finding a box of Kodiak Cakes mix in the cupboard, I remembered that pancakes are also awesome for dinner. I’ve also been admiring some of Heather’s pancake recipes lately and wondering how I forgot about them.

Having started Sunday with a green juice, followed with greens at brunch and a green smoothie before some afternoon errands (I don’t know if chlorophyll actually  cures hangovers, but the color makes me feel better mentally), I was totally up for a departure from the usual vegetable-rich meal. 

This mess (which was delicious, obviously), is just 1/2 cup of the mix made with water and then topped with roasted figs, barely-sweet non-fat ricotta, and a quick cocoa-PB2 sauce. It totally hit the spot.

Do you ever have pancakes for dinner? 

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