For those of you living and working in Midtown New York, check out this awesome website, This searchable site features profiles and reviews of tons of restaurants, stands, and street carts in the Midtown area. 

If you’ve spent any time there, you know how disorienting all the foot traffic and neon signs can be—not good if you only have a few minutes to grab a decent, reasonably priced lunch. Consider creator/editor Zach Brooks your culinary savior. Some of the offerings almost make me wish I had a desk job. Almost. 
I have to admit, even a peanut-butter-and-banana sandwich feels like a luxury when enjoyed in the comfort of your home “office.” I get to do this less and less. Taking a minute to make your own damn sandwich can be especially comforting when faced with an unrelenting to-do list.
Happy Friday, everyone!

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