I can’t believe it’s June already. At the mid-way point of the year, it’s a good time to check in with yourself. This is a great time to check in with yourself about how you feel the year is going so far. What are you proud of? What are you excited about? What’s been making you happy?  

And on the flip side, are there things you wish were different? What is one step you can take towards making a positive change? It can be something really small or really significant, and remember that even a little bit of progress is still progress. And for those goals you may have set earlier in the year that just don’t resonate with you anymore? Toss ‘em and set your sights on something that feels more aligned with what’s important to you now.  


I’ve been continuing to focus on my 2021 goals of thriving in a new environment and staying tuned in along that journey. 

May was a big transition month for me as I continued to work (pun intended) on getting my workaholic tendencies into a more balanced place. I’ll share more eventually, but I had a big health scare in April that made me realize I had to slow the heck down and let some stuff go in order to prioritize healing—and that “getting back on track” with work would look different than it has in the past when I would just dive back into a relentlessly busy schedule that left no time for adequate mental or physical rest. 

One huge benefit to this has been being able to put more energy into the personal and professional endeavors that mean a lot to me and feel aligned with my values and goals. 


Thank you to all of you guys who have shared with me about how much you love my podcast and have found it helpful for answering your nutrition and wellness questions! I’m super excited to share that my Drama-Free Healthy Living With Jess Cording podcast is now easier than ever to access! I hope you’ll check out the new podcast page on my website and will continue tuning in to listen! You can access it via the menu bar on my homepage or https://jessicacordingnutrition.com/podcast/


As I share every month, here’s a peak at some recent publications and media appearances. 


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