Right before the new year, I shared my word of the year for 2021: thrive. And then we actually got into 2021 and I felt like I needed to be more specific. 

Inspired by Jen Glantz’s “You’re Not Getting Any Younger” podcast episode  about taking a quarterly approach to goal-setting and choosing words and phrases to focus on, I decided to try it myself. I already do that with my business, so why not with some of those “soul goals?” 

I had started the year with the word “thrive” lit up in my head, but what could I do to support that? 

As we got deeper into January I found myself writing in my daily journal check-ins, “Help me stay tuned in.” With so much uncertainty still remaining in the world, it’s been important to me to be able to actually stay in touch with my intuition and hear my own heart. 

So that has become a phrase I am going to move forward with going into 2021: Tune In. 


And rather than set myself timeframe, I’m going to let myself see how long that resonates and let it evolve over time. 

A few of the things I am doing to help myself tune in are:

-waking up 10 minutes earlier to build in extra time for a short meditation and card pull before I go to work

-journaling daily. Sometimes I use a structure where I note my goals, gratitude, and a few affirmations I’m working with, and sometimes I just write down my dreams from the night before or whatever thoughts are in my head. 

-setting clearer boundaries with my time and energy (ex. Leaving one weeknight free, checking in with myself before responding to inquiries or committing to projects done in my free time, and giving myself permission to plan more in advance so I can spread things out) 

-Continuing therapy. Even though my insurance only covers part of it, at this point in my life it does make a big difference and is something I budget for. 


I’m curious to see how this new approach to goal-setting impacts my experience this year. Since going back to pre-pandemic “normal” isn’t really an option (or even that desirable, honestly), no time like the present to try something different. 


Are you changing your approach to goal-setting this year?


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