I can’t believe it’s April already! I hope your month is off to a good start. As I mentioned recently on Instagram, I’ve been focusing a lot on balance and energy management. 

I’ve been making jokes about detoxing from the NYC hustle culture, but there’s actually a lot of truth in that. Something I have been focusing on is becoming more comfortable with “doing” less and “being” more. Quality over quantity. I’ve learned the hard way many times over that it’s important not to lose sight of that. I have a feeling it’s something I’ll always have to keep myself in check about. We all have our stuff, right? 

I mention this because I have something really big and exciting I’ve been working on (a lot of you guessed it) that I’m excited to share with you in a few months, but that means I have needed to be even more intentional about carving out that time—and giving myself room to recharge and actually live my life and spend time with the people who matter most to me. 

This is so personal I almost don’t want to share but since I know a lot of other women go through this, I’ll just admit that even though we don’t have kids yet, I’ve definitely been thinking about how I can make room in my life now and start shifting my mindset from producing as much work as possible to focusing on living with intention and hanging less of my identity on work. I’ve been reflecting a lot on what truly serves my bigger picture so I don’t get bogged down by endless to-do lists that don’t provide value beyond checking off boxes. 

I know I’ve shared snippets of it here and there, but I’ve been going through some major life changes over the past year—things that would have happened in their own way, I’m sure, but thanks to the Pandemic, came up all at once and without giving me a chance to overthink any of it. Isn’t that how most of the best things happen, though? I still haven’t even begun to process, if I’m being honest—hence the need to get off the hamster wheel so I can really focus and hear myself think. Besides, I can’t be there for my patients or show up as a reliable resource online if I’m not practicing what I preach about self-care. 

So what will that look like? I’ll still be showing up regularly on my blog, podcast, and social media regularly, but just a little less often. To give myself some breathing room I’m switching the podcast to biweekly and may be doing fewer blog posts for a while so I can focus on bringing you quality content and not just filler because I was used to a certain level of output. I know my fellow recovering perfectionists and Upholders get what I’m talking about!  

Thank you as always for tuning in and following along. I’m here as a resource and I hope you find what I share helpful. 

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