Out of this whole year so far, I feel like July went by the fastest. I spent a lot of time traveling to be with family, had a number of speaking engagements, and published some new podcast episodes. I’ve been working on some fun consulting projects and I also recorded a new series of guided meditations for Simple Habit that are all about approaching your weight loss journey with confidence and self-compassion. You can check them out here.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Facebook you’ve seen me try to get back in the habit of taking an actual lunch break. When I was writing my book I got into the bad habit of eating all three meals while working because I didn’t want to lose momentum. Thankfully, I’ve found that taking time to eat has actually helped me feel more satisfied and be more productive. Another thing that’s been keeping me going? This DIY Cold Brew recipe.

As I do every month, today I’m sharing a look back at some of my recent publications and media appearances. Leading up to my book launch in January I’m going to have some awesome freebies for anyone who preorders and events for you guys to check out and am so excited to share more with you in the month ahead!


July 2019 Media



Michelin Guide

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This May Be Oversharing Podcast



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