I feel like January is always such an intense month, and not only was this year no exception, at times it felt like the universe was out to prove something. With the challenges, though, there were some big silver linings to acknowledge. While there was a lot of political chaos and pandemic doom and gloom, there were also moments of hope. In a lot of ways, it also felt like a time to get back to basics with self-care and the emphasize clear communication. 

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As I prepare my monthly media round-ups, it’s always interesting for me to look back and reflect on the past month. While I do have to acknowledge the anxiety and fear around things going on in the world as well as closer to home, I also celebrated the first anniversary of The Little Book of Game Changers in January. It’s also the month the audiobook edition came out. Behind the scenes, I got working on some very exciting things that I’ll eventually get to share with you hopefully soon. January was also my best month EVER for the podcast, and I am so grateful for that. While it may be time-consuming, it’s such a joy to connect with an amazing variety of guests and with my listeners.

Here’s what came out in January:


As I share every month, here’s a look at recent podcast episodes, publications, and media appearances. 

January 2021 Media List 




Mindbody Wellness Trend Report Highlights Healthiest and Happiest Cities 


Valley Breast Center IGTV Overnight Oats Recipe Demo : https://www.instagram.com/tv/CKWvmLIHGy-/


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