Wedding season is here. Love it or loathe it, it can definitely feel overwhelming if you’ve got a lot of celebrations on the calendar. The summer I was 25, I think I went to eight different weddings. Eight! And I lived to tell the tale.

Cutest cake ever.

Cutest cake ever.

My clients and I often talk about how they can stick to their healthy habits even when they’re got a lot of events to attend. Making little tweaks and prioritizing the indulgences you want to enjoy can help you have fun without going overboard.

Check out my article over on Fitness for some of my tried-and-true tips and tricks.

Do you have a lot of weddings to go to this year? What’s your favorite—or least favorite—part of weddings?

I love the speeches—the “will this be great or awful” anticipation is totally my jam. What I don’t love? The bouquet toss. Yawn.

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