I spend a considerable amount of my free time exploring over boroughs of New York, but sometimes I like a good refresher on Manhattan neighborhoods I no longer frequent. Case in point: last night, I went to Fish in the West Village for dinner. It’s the kind of place I’d probably go to on the regular if I lived near by. It was hard to beat the Red White & Blue special—6 blue point oysters or clams plus a PBR or house red/white for eight bucks. Everyone at the table ordered some variation on that to start. Image

For my main dish, I ordered blackened catfish, which came with hushpuppies and collard greens. Another winner.

Back to the oysters, though—I can’t believe I didn’t eat oysters until this year. Glad I gave those another shot! Think of all that zinc I’d been missing out on!

Normally, this is where I’d mention the supposed aphrodisiac effect of oysters, but it’s really hard to feel sexy when you’ve got stitches and a bunch of gauze on your chest and the whole operation is basically one big bruise. Better than full-fledged skin cancer, I suppose, but goodness. I can’t wait until this is in the past tense.

But back to Fish—definitely a fun place to stop in for dinner if you’re in the neighborhood. I’ve definitely filed it in the back of my mind for when I start up my second-to-last graduate course this fall not too far away. That’s right: Monday nights will belong to Vitamins & Minerals. At least until 7:30…

Have you had any good restaurant meals lately? 

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