I know that February is only 2-3 days shorter but it somehow always feels like trying to fit twice the responsibilities into half the time compared to Other months. Maybe it’s the cold and the darkness? Since I can remember February has been that month where I struggle with sleep and anxiety more and have to be extra diligent about self-care. Every year it always seems there’s always some big stressor, and it’s always interesting to me to consider is it that that thing truly is more intense, or does it just feel more so? Perspective is everything. 

Thankfully, I’ve gotten much better at recognizing and managing this, so mid-month I started being more intentional about building self-care into my week. Aside from me just feeling better, it helps me perform better at work and communicate more clearly. It also helps me show up as the person others in my life need me to be. 

I’ve been working on some exciting stuff behind the scenes I’m looking forward to sharing with you later this year, but for now, here’s a look at the past month in publications and media appearances. 


February 2021 Media

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