As part of a Green Mapping project, I am working with two classmates to assess Dos Toros, a taqueria in Union Square that prides itself on good, clean food and sustainable practices.

While the biodegradable flatware, organic ingredients, and reclaimed building materials (the tables, chairs, bench, and wainscoting can all be sourced to a barn in Upstate New York, according to the website) are great, it’s still important for the food to be good.

Dos Toros did not disappoint. I ordered a Basic (no meat) Plato, which includes rice, black beans (pinto is also an option), salsa, and  manchego cheese. I opted out of the sour cream but went for the guacamole, which I have to say, rivals my mother’s. It was nice and mild, and the avocado-cilantro balance was perfect. The salsa was also fantastic. I wish I had the recipe…

They also offer burritos, tacos (hard and soft) and quesadillas. I’ll definitely be going back. With nothing on the menu over $7.50, Dos Toros is a delicious, affordable option for a quick lunch or dinner. I found the portion sizes to be generous but not outlandish—you’ll definitely feel like you’re getting your money’s worth but won’t feel like a wuss taking some home to enjoy the next day.

I made it about halfway through my meal. I’m already looking forward to the leftovers!

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