I know that I normally write about human nutrition, but a friend sent me this hilarious video of a honey badger that I wanted to share. I found myself laughing out loud a few times and also both disgusted and mystified by this weird creature that eats snakes! Caution: given a few f-bombs and other four-letter words, it may not be work appropriate.

When I was in elementary school, one of my classmate’s dads used to come over during recess with his guitar and sit and sing with a bunch of us at the edge of the playground. In retrospect, this was a bit weird, but we loved all the kids’ songs about watermelons and holes in the ground and whatnot. However, I remember being particularly traumatized by a tune about a boy who mistakenly ate a snake, thinking it was an eel. To this day, I can’t quite bring myself to eat the stuff (unless it’s part of an elaborate sushi roll).

Do you have any weird food aversions leftover from being a kid? 

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