Happy September! I hope you had a wonderful August and that this new month is getting off to a great start for you. 

I am so excited for fall—I’m definitely in that Basic-B boot-and-sweater-loving camp. I’m already bookmarking all the soups and pumpkin recipes I want to make. Like these truffles 😍

August absolutely flew by, and September so far has been doing the same! I have been busy working on some exciting new events and projects at the Breast Center, in addition to my usual patient care. 

I have been busy working on some exciting new events and projects @valleybreastcenter, and on my evenings and weekends I’ve been working on more podcast episodes and articles to share with you. I’ve also been putting the finishing touches on a big project I’m excited to share with you this fall. Though it’s not always easy, I’ve also been trying to carve out more time with family and friends, and soaking up nature time has been a priority too. On the personal front, we’ve been continuing to plan our (very belated) wedding celebration and getting ready for construction on our new house. Never a dull moment. Thank goodness for meditation! 

As I share every month, here’s a look at some of my recent publications and media appearances. 


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