Making positive diet changes and getting active can up our quality of life for the long term. However, it’s also possible to overdo it. I recently spoke with Women’s Health about some warning signs you may be taking your weight loss efforts too far. Read the full article here.

Pumpkin Party

If you do catch yourself pushing it too much, you don’t have to throw yourself off the wagon entirely. Try easing up a bit. For example, consider swapping one of those hard-core workouts for a restorative yoga class. Maybe you ease up on the low-carb craze if your morning just isn’t the same without oatmeal. Make time to catch up with your friends—whatever feels like a good fit. Remember, rest and relaxation are part of helping the body work efficiently, and that includes helping you reach and maintain a healthy weight.

A surprising bonus: leaving a little space for pleasure in your life may actually help you enjoy a healthier lifestyle overall, since you’ll be less stressed and less prone to feelings of loneliness and isolation, helping you come to a more balanced place if you’re prone to emotional eating or crash-and-burn cycles.

Happiness is part of health, so put it on your priorities list!

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