I’m bad at drinking holidays. Mostly, it stems from being 4’11” and unable to keep up with taller people as they get drunker and louder and more likely to accidentally elbow me in the eye (happens more than you’d think). I’m also just not a fan of crowded bars—I much prefer somewhere you can actually hear your friends talk and where the drinks are actually good. Green beer on St. Patrick’s Day? No thanks.

I actually forgot yesterday was Cinco de Mayo. My brain doesn’t see May 5th on the calendar and think, “Yay, margaritas!” However, when I  felt up the avocado on the counter that Chris had reminded me of the previous evening, I thought, “Hm. We haven’t made nachos in a while.” 

He dug the idea, too, so we whipped up a really delicious plate of corn chips piled with (cooked) beans, cheese, and cilantro. We also put out sour cream to go with the guac he made with that avocado, and I threw together a salad.

As we were eating, Chris said, “Did you think of nachos because it’s Cinco de Mayo?”

“It’s Cinco de Mayo? Oh…May fifth.”

“Yeah, I forgot too.”

Note the little green accent

It’s not usually the kind of thing I crave, but it definitely hit the spot. We totally made too much, though—a lot went back in the fridge.

So we had an accidental Cinco de Mayo celebration—at least in culinary terms. “Unauthentic Mexican food for an unauthentic Mexincan holiday,” as Chris put it. Cheers to that.

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