Happy Halloween! Any fun plans this weekend? I’m working at the hospital but going to a pumpkin carving party on Saturday after my shift. If your weekend involves any kitchen-time, here are a few things you might want to try:

img 3431 300x224 - 3 Things to  Make This WeekendAnything with pumpkin. Well & Good posted a great list this week.

Tortellini soup. Cold temps are on their way, and all I can think about (food-wise, anyway) is warm soup. This is one of my go-to recipes. I made a big pot the other day using porcini tortellini, sliced mushrooms, kale, and herbs de Provence.

One of these leftover-candy creations brought to you by Food 52. I’m personally digging the idea of homemade blended ice cream concoctions a la Dairy Queen Blizzards. I guess if you really want to “healthify” it, you could do with frozen banana soft serve…

What are you up to this Halloween weekend?