Wow, that is the most shameful pun of a title ever. Anyway.

Happy Saturday! How’s your weekend going? Hope you’re getting in some good sleep. I usually shoot for seven to eight hours, even if it means cutting back on being “fun” or whatever it is I used to stay up late doing. I spent my college years and early twenties pretending not to be a morning person, and it’s been nice not to live that lie anymore these past few years.

That said, sometimes I stay up late working or have a social or business event that keeps me out past grandma o’clock. That’s what coffee is for…Actually, I generally only need it earlier in the day—before 2 pm, generally. I (usually) switch to decaf after that point, but no way would I turn down a coffee break. It’s a great chance to catch up with a friend, network with someone new, or just a good excuse to take a walk around the block and clear your head.

Here’s fun infographic about coffee break habits. How do yours compare?

Brewing Success: Coffee Makes the Workplace Go Round

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