Some of you know how obsessed I am with oatmeal, so you can bet I get excited whenever Jamba Juice starts offering their steel-cut oats for a dollar. Now through February 2nd (far as I know), on Wednesdays you can get ’em for a buck.

What’s pretty funny is that I’ve never actually gotten around to trying their oatmeal. I usually eat breakfast at home, and though oatmeal makes a good snack as well, it’s not usually something I think of grabbing. Why pay for something I can make at home for practically nothing, you know?

Once in a while, though, it’s fun to try new things. The different flavors (Plain with brown sugar, Fresh Banana, Blueberry & Blackberry, Apple Cinnamon, and Berry Cherry Pecan) range in calories from 220-340 and are cooked in soy milk. Supposedly the fruit is fresh, even though you’d think with fresh fruit you’d see more vitamin C on the nutrition information label. While I’m not the hugest fan of pre-sweetened stuff, it’s fine once in a while. And anyway, if sugar in your oatmeal is your idea of a treat, then you’re probably not someone who has to worry about consuming too many added sugars.

All the same though, it sure beats the standard apple and almonds I usually carry around on busy days. It kind of makes me wish it was Wednesday…

Still, I think Starbucks gets it right by offering customers a selection of things they can add themselves. Mix in your topping(s) of choice, slice a little over-priced Starbucks banana in there along with some milk if that’s your thing, and you’re golden. Add a latte and the awesomeness is off the charts. Sigh. I wish it was breakfast. And that I hadn’t gotten up at 7 a.m. to go to lab.

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