Hope you’re having a great week! I took a short trip this past weekend for a belated Fathers Day celebration with my parents. Even though I’ve been traveling a lot it was still nice to spend some time with the family and the fur children. I also got to meet my new fur-nephew, Delbert.


Anyway, I’ve been sharing a lot of travel-related posts lately but to change things up today I thought I’d share a behind-the scenes look at a busy Friday, when I was juggling a mix of client appointments, writing projects, and an event.





I was demo-ing these superfood truffles for an in-office birthday celebration. This batch was made with sunflower butter, maca, cocoa powder, hemp milk, vanilla, pink sea salt, cinnamon, and agave. I rolled them in a few different things–I showed up with some that were decorated in cacao nibs and this hemp hearts-coconut blend, and I brought some sprinkles and coconut flakes to the event as well.

My day had started pretty early with a little cardio and yoga and then some writing before I had some coaching clients. My event was from 3-3:30 but when you factor in travel and set-up time, it came out to more like 2-4:30. Honestly, this is a big part of why I’m very selective about the events I do. I used to exhaust myself running around town lugging equipment and wondering why I always felt burnt out and like I had no time. Now when I say yes to a food demo or presentation, it’s something I really want to do.

Anyway, after I got home, I settled in for some more writing and client follow-up. Since I was wiped from a busy week and had social plans later in the weekend, I took advantage of the chance to call it an early night and fell asleep reading at, like 10 pm. Total rockstar behavior, I know. It was kind of awesome, though.

Here’s what I ate through the day:


WIAW377FridayWhat I ate:

  • Breakfast: Collagen powder in coffee before yoga (not pictured) ; post-yoga an egg-white veggie omelet and side of leftover roasted Japanese sweet potato
  • Lunch: Arugula salad with radishes, sardines, and avocado, tossed with balsamic
  • Pre-event snack: Strawberries with a sprinkle of goat cheese
  • Post event snack: Yogurt with cocoa powder and a drizzle of sunflower seed butter
  • Dinner: Too lazy to cook, so leftover chicken and veggies tossed with greens & oil & vinegar and topped with babaganoush and goat cheese ; 2 squares of dark chocolate and tea after dinner


What’s your favorite way to spend a Friday night? 


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