When we set out to make a change in our lives, one of the integral components of our success lies in whether we believe the change is attainable. Numerous studies support the notion that the mindset with which we approach something is the biggest determiner of our success. In other words, our minds are the game-changers in our lives.


This positive mindset is necessary when making changes in how we feed and treat our body. Whether we’re successful with consistently eating healthfully and exercising has a lot to do with our approach. Having the tools to guide our decision-making processes is important, but if our attitude towards healthy living isn’t positive, our overall success will be adversely affected. Ultimately, the story you tell yourself about yourself deeply impacts your life. This goes for all areas of our lives but shows up in very tangible ways in our health and fitness efforts.

The beliefs that your mindset can change you for the better and that having a growth mindset can set you up for success are popular ones for good reason. Our mindset influences how we think and feel, which in turn deeply impacts our ability to be successful in making positive life changes and maintaining the results. When we remain growth-oriented, we find that our lives improve regardless of the obstacles with which we’re presented. This has the added benefit that those closest to us are also positively impacted.win-win situation.

When it comes to affecting positive health changes, the power of positivity goes a long way. Fostering a positive mindset not only helps us be resilient when we encounter a roadblock, but it also improves how we respond to stressful situations.

Ways you can implement positive thinking into your life include:

·    Pay attention to how you talk to yourself. If you’re stuck in a cycle of negative thinking, your motivation to achieve your goals will be lessened.

·    Practice positive self-talk. Talk to yourself as you would to a friend. Be supportive and encouraging in your approach, making sure to emphasize the many things you’re doing right.

·    Have confidence in yourself. If you trust that you can accomplish the goal which you’ve set for yourself, you’ll be that much closer to achieving it.

On the tangible end, when making lifestyle changes, the following techniques can help guide our mindset:

·    Journaling (reflect on your goals and your mindset)

·    Writing affirmations (speak to yourself in such a way that you’re shaping your reality to be what you want it to be)

·    Surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people whose mindset matches your own

·    Unfollowing social media which triggers negative emotions

·       Working with a registered dietitian or health coach to create habits to support your mindset change

For more information about how to foster a positive mindset in your life, book a free consult call with me to learn more about how 1:1 coaching can help you make positive mindset changes. You can also visit my website and check out my Instagram where you’ll find motivational tools to help you experience a healthier and happier life.

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