Oh my goodness! So much controversy over the Starbucks red cups this week. I don’t mean to make light of anyone’s feelings, but I’ve been having a good laugh over the various responses I’ve come across in my procrastination/social media time. A couple favorites:

Ellen DeGeneres:

George Takei:

As a dietitian, I’m so focused on what’s in people’s coffee cups than on what the cup actually looks like, I hadn’t given much thought to the cup itself. To be completely honest, I don’t know anyone IRL (that I know of, anyway) with a strong opinion one way or the other, but it’s certainly been interesting to see my friends’ and contacts’ reaction to the uproar

If you’re looking to avoid any coffee cup drama in your own life, you could always just, you know, make your own coffee…

Coffee Don't Hate Me

What’s your favorite coffee drink? How do you feel about the controversy around the Starbucks cup this year? 

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