Happy Friday! What’s on the agenda this weekend? So far I know I’m working at Saturday shift at the hospital and going to yoga at some point, but otherwise, my calendar is blissfully blank. Let’s see what the next few days bring. It feels good not to be over-scheduled for a change! Got some cooking planned? Here are a few suggestions from yours truly:

Sweet potato and goat cheese are a flavor match made in heaven. Do it. IMG_9744

5 tips for packing a lunch you’ll actually want to eat, via The Kitchn. Need a little inspiration? They also have a list of 20 make-ahead lunch ideas.

This Smitten Kitchen Avocado Cucumber Salad: I just love the way her brain works.

Speaking of avocado (I must be on a kick—remember last week’s ode to avocado toast?), I was cleaning out old computer files the other day and found this little number from the dark ages:


He has no idea

the wealth he leaves

on the plate,

the sacrifice involved in gifting

half a perfect avocado,

the last slice of the good bread.


April is National Poetry Month, after all…Still, the example above is a fantastic example of why I don’t attempt to make a living off poetry ; )

This is also, apparently, how I learned to be more discerning about the people I share my avocados with. It’s kind of like the food blogger version of “If it came down to it, would I give this person a kidney?” Or am I the only one who makes lists that way?

What’s on your to-cook list this weekend? Any fun plans coming up? Are you discerning with your avocado-sharing? 

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