Last weekend my sister and her husband moved into their new house so I went out to the suburbs to help unpack and hang out and spend time with my family and the fur children. If you guys follow my Instragram stories, then you know I love my little (and ginormous) party animals.


Anyway, last Saturday ended up being a long day, since I started off in NYC with a walk in the park and a Pilates class before I got some work done and caught a bus out. I’m getting better about taking time off on the weekends, but I still had some stuff I wanted to get a jump on so I could focus on family later in the day.

For this week’s What I Ate Wednesday post, I’m sharing a look at the food I enjoyed. II think these posts are fun because they’re not always how I eat every day (for example, I wouldn’t usually eat fish twice in one day, but I was trying to just go with the flow) or what I think everyone needs to eat, but it’s a chance to show that dietitians are real people with real lives and that there is no such thing as a “perfect” diet.

What I Ate Wednesday 370

Breakfast part one: some leftover roasted sweet potato & a cup of coffee before a walk
Breakfast part two: an egg and leftover veggies with a spoonful of hummus
Lunch: salad with avocado, zoodles, and pan-seared scallops; berries with a spoonful of yogurt mixed with cocoa powder and a drizzle of sunbutter
Afternoon snack: Whole milk plain Greek yogurt with ground flax and cinnamon
Dinner: sashimi over lettuce, steamed broccoli, and a sparerib
Bedtime snack: more berries with a spoonful of yogurt

What was the last time you moved? It’s been almost 6 years for me—that’s a personal record for longest I’ve ever lived anywhere. So crazy.

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