Last week we had some serious moon stuff going on, what with the super blue blood moon (and lunar eclipse!) on the 31st. This once-in-a-lifetime lunar event also meant all the feels. Because we tend to feel that full Moon energy a few days on either side, and when you consider that eclipse energy is like a full moon times ten, it added up to a really intense week.

I have been learning a really important lesson lately, which is to not ignore my own seemingly small health issues or skimp on recharge time because I’m so focused on other people’s stuff and over-scheduling myself. I pride myself on not being someone who cancels at the last-minute, but I had to make an exception last Tuesday. I was supposed to have a lunch meeting right after a corporate event, but it was a good thing I’d called it off—I ended up needing to see a nurse practitioner about a gross thumb injury that had been taking way too long to heal and had gotten very painful.

When the highlight of your week is watching someone burn a tiny hole in your thumbnail and drain out a sizable collection of pus, you know you’ve hit a low point 🙂

Then on Monday I had to get the nail taken off completely. Did you know that with thumb nails, they put the nail back in (if they can) to act as a splint so the new nail knows where to grow? Yeah, fun stuff.

Anyway, all of this to say, I got a nice little wake up call about how making time for myself is legitimately important. Also, if I had just shown my hands some love and moisturized my freaking cuticles on the regular, I would have saved a lot of throbbing pain, energy sucking injury anxiety, and antibiotics. Suffice it to say I’ve been eating a lot of yogurt and sauerkraut plus taking extra probiotics.

Speaking of food, here’s the what I ate part of this week’s “What I Ate Wednesday” post.


Breakfast: Leftover slow cooker pork tenderloin and shredded Brussels sprouts (whatever works!)
Snack: A hard boiled egg and one white before heading to a corporate wellness presentation
Lunch: Salad with zoodles, veggies, and scallops from a recipe test I was doing for SHAPE
Snack: Yogurt with cocoa powder, frozen raspberries, and a drizzle of sunflower butter
Dinner: Roasted Brussels sprouts and sweet potato with some sautéed mushroom and chicken sausage


Cheers to having my priorities in better order going into this new phase!


What have you had to learn the hard way? 


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