Since I haven’t posted what I ate on an actual Wednesday in a while, For this week’s post I’m sharing a look at last Wednesday.

My Wednesdays generally start super-early (even for me, a freak morning person) so proper fuel to keep my brain and body going is key, especially if I have more meetings after my 6:45 networking meeting.

This particular Wednesday I had a 9 am coffee afterwards and then a 1 pm (maybe lunch, maybe not lunch) meeting in the same area, so in between I spent some quality time with my new iPad mini 4  and bluetooth keyboard case catching up on writing and emails. I never thought I’d buy one of these, but it’s turned out to be a business investment that’s already paying off in terms of time management and not killing my back.

Here’s the “What I ate” part of the day:


Breakfast: eggs, avocado, blood orange
Morning snack: yogurt w/ flax and chia seeds
Late lunch: salad with leftover veggies, sardines
Pre-yoga snack: last of my mini frittatas and a little leftover veggies (random but wanted to use stuff up)
Dinner: leftovers-herbed slow cooker chicken, mushrooms, Brussels, kale, puréed parsnips, and a garnish of grated aged Gouda
After dinner: tea and a square of dark chocolate

How do you fuel yourself on a busy day? 

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