For this week’s What I Ate Wednesday post I’m sharing a look at a work-from-home day. I’ve been packing a lot into my days because of a lot of family obligations to work around. I used to think working in an office was the solution to the productivity struggle, but I found that for me, it’s actually setting a schedule so I have a guide. Some days, though, I find myself having more ease with that than others.

Today’s post is an example of a day I got caught up in cooking as resistance but decided to go with it and take advantage of that hands-on energy to get a bunch of photos for projects squared away—so pros and cons. I turned my procrastination into productivity of a different sort.

One of those projects is actually live now on SHAPE!



Here’s what I ate on this particular day to keep myself fueled and (somewhat) focused!

Breakfast: Summer squash frittata

Summer Squash Frittata
Lunch: salad with zoodles, tuna, avocado

Arugula Salad with Avocado and Tuna
Snack: yogurt with seeds and maple syrup

I don’t do this often, but I went out and had a drink (prosecco) while editing a story I was stuck on. Nice treat once in a while!

Dinner:Turkey burger salad with kabocha, Brussels, cauliflower

Turkey Burger Salad
Snack: blackberries, figs & blue cheese

How do you deal when you’re distracted?

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