A few weekends ago, my sister’s best friend, who is basically my unofficial sister, got married. It was a special celebration with family and old friends. My sister was the maid of honor, and my mother even officiated the ceremony!

Family Photo September 2017

I went out to my parents’ house on a Friday night, and we went to the wedding, which was about an hour away, the next day.

Saturday morning my mom and I went for a walk and then had eggs and leftover veggies for breakfast. Then it was off to get our hair and nails done! Totally forgot to take a picture, but I’m sure we can all imagine what sunny-side-up eggs on top of cauliflower and mushrooms looks like.

My dad wanted to go to a diner near their house for lunch. This spinach salad with chicken, tomato, avocado, and bacon was surprisingly good. I try not to be too “dietitian”-y when going to, like, a diner, but I almost always ask to have oil & vinegar instead of whatever dressing comes with a salad. Bottled dressings are on my list of “I can’t even/don’t want to know,”and I also wanted to keep sodium realistic since I had to be in a tight dress—and, well, to make room in my sodium budget, so to speak, for bacon. Priorities.

Diner Spinach Avocado Salad

My family checked into a hotel near the venue and had just about an hour to get ready, so I made sure I ate a snack of Greek yogurt with chia seeds to keep my energy up through the ceremony. Again, totally didn’t occur to me to take a picture because I was so caught up in getting dressed and unpacked. I rarely post “fashion” pictures, but I actually loved my outfit. My mom talked me into this dress from Guess (aka, she picked it up, made me try it on, and said, “You have to let me get it for you because I don’t want people thinking you were raised by wolves it looks nice and I know you’d never buy it for yourself, but you need something to wear when you go out.”) and it was super-comfy while still being a step up from the safe Arden B black dress I’ve been wearing to events for years. And by “for years,” I sincerely mean that there are pictures of me in it from Sweet Sixteen parties circa Let’s Not Even Go There. So, yeah, half my life. That’s embarrassing.

You can’t see them in the pictures, but on my feet I wore these gold Sam Edelman Hazel pumps, which were surprisingly comfortable. LOVE them. If you hadn’t guessed, comfort is key for me.

Mother-Daughter Wedding Looks

The wedding itself was beautiful. Lots of tears and laughs. The food was also pretty awesome. During the cocktail hour I enjoyed a bourbon, along with a few slices beef brisket and some braised greens and pickled veggies.

Brisket, Braised Greens & Bourbon

Dinner was a salad and then the salmon option, which came with root veggies and risotto. I had a second bourbon in front of me but didn’t end up drinking it.

Wedding Salmon

Of course there was a beautiful wedding cake but I totally forgot to take a picture! All in all it was a beautiful day despite the chilly, drizzly weather. I felt fortunate to be able to be there surrounded by people I love.

Okay, sappy talk over. Time to gear up for my sister’s own wedding, which is coming up later this month!

What was the last wedding you went to?

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