I don’t get a lot of lazy Sundays, so when I have the chance to slow down a little and recharge, I savor it. I’ve got a lot of work, family, and life stuff ahead this month, so it was great to take the day at my own pace a few Sundays ago. I enjoyed a walk in the park, a trip to the farmers market, yoga, and, of course, some food prep to get set for the coming week. For today’s “What I Ate Wednesday” post I’m sharing a look at the food I enjoyed.

Breakfast: I had a delicious smoothie based on my favorite recipe that uses frozen riced cauliflower.

IMG 0737 1024x1024 - What I Ate Wednesday #335: Lazy-ish Sunday

Lunch: I made a big salad using some of the veggies I’d just prepped. I also threw in some tuna and avocado.

IMG 5624 1024x768 - What I Ate Wednesday #335: Lazy-ish Sunday

Snack: Plain Greek yogurt with a tablespoon each of coconut flour and cocoa powder, plus a garnish of cacao nibs. Totally hit the spot.

Dinner: I had made a chickpea, broccoli rabe, and tomato soup earlier in the week. I was surprisingly not in the mood for meat or eggs, so I added hemp hearts and a baby avocado on top.

IMG 5641 1024x924 - What I Ate Wednesday #335: Lazy-ish Sunday

Snack: I was still a bit hungry before bed, so I had some blue cheese with strawberries. It was perfection!

IMG 5456 1024x1024 - What I Ate Wednesday #335: Lazy-ish Sunday

How do you like to spend a lazy Sunday? 

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WHAT I ATE WEDNESDAY NEW BUTTON PEAS AND CRAYONS - What I Ate Wednesday #335: Lazy-ish Sunday

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